Welcome to Pima Parcels

The Pima Parcels website was developed by Pima Association of Governments in partnership with the Metropolitan Pima Alliance, Pima County, regional utility providers and Sun Corridor Inc., the region’s economic development agency.

The website currently provides information on 100-acre parcels researched and identified by Pima County as "shovel ready sites" in employment centers located within the greater Tucson region.

The data provided allows site selectors to identify parcels of interest for their clients to review before reaching out to request additional information, such as workforce data, local incentives or other economic development support.

Data, which may not address each unique economic development project, is provided by multiple sources, including from member jurisdictions and utilities. Additional information helpful to site selectors will be added to the map as it becomes available.

Below is a list of our partners and organizations who contributed to making this site possible. We appreciate and recognize their ongoing support in developing and sustaining this information for the benefit of the region.

Click on a Property on the Map to obtain a Site Report.